Unity promotes growth in Tasman


“I hope that in five years there are more campuses in Australia and New Zealand with a (CO) ministry. 

I hope that each team is well-supplied with passionate men and women of vision and strong character.

I hope that there are more students coming to Christ and more leaders being raised up to serve in local churches, workplaces and in foreign missions,” said Grant Linneman, campus director of Uni-Impact (CO) Brisbane. 

Located in close proximity, Campus Outreach’s Tasman ministries are well positioned to connect and expand. Made up of three autonomous CO franchises, Brisbane, Dunedin and Christchurch, these staffs believe they can reach more students for Christ if they work together.

“If our region can leverage the God-given gifts of each man and woman on our team, we will be in a much stronger position from which to grow," Grant said.

On an administrative level, connecting the three groups can help meet immediate staff and resource needs. Recently, one of the teams had a surplus of female staff, while another needed a stronger female presence. The answer, to send female applicants where they are most needed, may seem simple. But this new thinking could revolutionize staff processing for the entire area.

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“Streamlining some of those processes allows us to use our gifts in a broader area,” said David Richards, campus director for Engage Otago (Dunedin).

This spirit of unity is built on a foundation of trust and friendship. For years, the regions have shared Leadership Projects and Cross Cultural Projects as needed, but a more strategic partnership is still in the early stages.

For now, the three staffs connect on a monthly phone call and through an annual planning retreat. By capitalizing on unique experience, natural gifting and resources, the three Tasman ministries hope to expand to new locations in Australia and New Zealand.

From there, broader reach may be possible.

“Australia and New Zealand are positioned in a corner of the world that in many cases is lacking gospel outreach and established churches. There are many unreached people groups across South-East Asia and the Pacific regions,” Grant said. “The spiritual soil in Australia is tough, but as God builds laborers, Australia and New Zealand would be well placed to be a part of resourcing and serving the spread of the gospel in this part of the world.”

With increased global communication, and personal connections through CCP’s and staff movement, CO franchises have unprecedented opportunities to support one another, while maintaining their unique goals and ministry visions. 

2018 Tasman Winter Conference

2018 Tasman Winter Conference

Bennett Rolan