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40 Years of Impact

Today’s students shape tomorrow’s world.

Who will shape today’s students?

College students today find themselves in crisis. Record numbers of students are experiencing clinical levels of anxiety and depression. Suicide has become a leading cause of death among students today.

Over the next generation these young people will transition into roles of civic and corporate influence. They will be entrusted with over $30 billion in wealth transfer from their parents and grandparents.  

How will this generation manage the influence they will soon receive?

What if these students could encounter the hope and peace found in Jesus Christ? How might their marriages, families, and careers be completely transformed? How might our culture and society be impacted?

Our mission for 40 years has been facilitating the encounter between college students and Jesus Christ, helping spiritually lost young people develop into spiritual leaders who impact others.


Thank You Campus Outreach,
For 40 Years

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March 2017

Students who come out of multiethnic ministries like this are better positioned for moving the kingdom into a multicultural world.

Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra / The Gospel Coalition / Read Full Article